A fashion film

Fusión is a fashion film produced by Fervor Films in collaboration with Casa Bonay (Barcelona).


Fusión is a phenomenon, the manifestation of art in multiple forms of expression. Magnetically drawn to a place, they surrender, exploring their limits to transcend their physical form. They flow, they change. It is the desire for mystery that makes them fuse.

poster_fusion_fashion-film_fervor-films_coral solari_lais vieira_nando-vivas_gallery_1.png
poster_fusion_fashion-film_fervor-films__coral solari_lais vieira_nando-vivas_gallery_2.png
Fusion_Fashion film credits_lettering_nando vivas_1.jpg
Fusion_Fashion film credits_lettering_nando vivas_2.jpg
Fusion_Fashion film credits_lettering_nando vivas_3.jpg

The film title was composed in a custom font created especially for the project. The letters, as the title says, are a fusion of influences: reminiscences of Arabic typography mixed with exaggerated ink traps following the most contemporary trends.


The font used for the credits, Viva Condensed, is also a custom type. Its interaction with a Roman italic font forms a perfect mix: powerful and glamorous.

vhs_cover_fusion_fashion-film_fervor-films__coral solari_lais vieira_nando-vivas_gallery_2.jpg